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Final Thoughts

I’m not sure I want to be a Flash designer in the future, but I do think this class was useful because it helped me understand design and problem-solving.  I think one of the best aspects of my work has been my ability to make it visually pleasing.  Luckily I was able to get everything to function properly, but if for some reason my projects didn’t work right, they would still look good.

The other big part of using Flash is being able to problem solve.  When I test my .swf file and it doesn’t work I can usually look at the compiler errors and figure out what was going wrong.  Being able to problem solver on my own was definitely beneficial; however, I didn’t mind asking for help on some ridiculous error and Sang being able to fix it in literally 10 seconds.

Another important aspect of Flash deals with usability.  You need to think like you’re the user and what would make sense for them.  I think everyone’s work this semester would have been better if we had conducted usability tests on each other, but I think with this class everyone seemed to get so caught up in making sure it looked good and functioned correctly that the usability aspect got overlooked.

My only complaint with our Producing Interactive Media class was the turn we took about a month ago from talking about Flash specifically to talking about javascript/jQuery and xml.  It felt like it came out of nowhere and it seemed like a lot of people struggled with the concepts or just didn’t put as much effort into it because it seemed so random for our course.  I know it’s useful information but I think the timing of it was a little strange.  However, I loved being able to do a video project in Flash right after that.

I really enjoyed working on the three big projects that were due this semester and am glad I put in the effort to make them good enough to use on my portfolio.


The End of Flash?

So throughout this semester we’ve been hearing rumors that Flash is dead.  The biggest indicator of this was the announcement towards the middle of the semester that Flash will not be used on mobile devices or tablets.  This has got to be the most telling sign that Flash is in fact, dead.  However, when the representative from McKinney came to meet with us during one of our Friday workshops, he was adamant that Flash was still doing fine in the interactive media industry.  With all of these mixed signals I don’t know what to believe.  I’d like to think that all the hard work we put into Flash this semester will serve a purpose for me in the future, but right now it kind of seems like we did it for no reason.  Maybe I’m misinformed and don’t have all of the information.  I guess I just want some answers.  It seems pretty ominous to me that the world leader in smart phones and tablets (Apple) does not allow Flash to be compatible with its products.  Steve Jobs knew Flash was going to become obsolete at some point and that’s why he didn’t gamble on using it in his products.


Producing Interactive Media – Project 3

Can you figure out who the killer is?

This was by far my favorite of the projects this semester because I was able to work on video.  Our group went above and beyond on this project because we were able to express a certain creativity compromising of several aspects of interactive media.  This was only the second project that we had the opportunity to do a video for in all of our classes so our group knew it was important and wanted to do it right.  We shot all of our footage on the Saturday during Thanksgiving.  We spent a little more than six hours filming inside and around Lindner’s “Hogwarts Room.”  What made this project so much easier to work on was how fast it went by because every part of it was fun to make.  I might not have thought editing the 2+ hours of footage down to 10 minutes was fun towards the end, but I am ecstatic with the results.  I think we captured the essence of the game “Clue” as well as the film noir style in which we shot and edited the short film.  I’d also like to give kudos to the actors in our video, who all did a great/convincing job.  The one thing that I would have changed with the video is more close-ups of our actors when they’re sitting around the table just to break it up from the long medium shots.


Producing Interactive Media – Project 2

JJ Redick doesn't miss.

Project 2 is another example of work I will be putting on my portfolio.  I decided to make a basketball shooting game for this assignment.  I think it was successful because no one else made a game like that.  In my head I envisioned a game where you hit the space bar and the shooter jumps and you hit it again and the shooter shoots the ball.  Depending on if you got the time right the shot would either go in or miss.  It ended up being easier to just create power bars (thanks, Sang!) that you can click and if it gets within a certain space on the power bars it would do one of four things: airball, front of the rim, swish, off the backboard.  Once we figured out how to make the power bars work it was easy to make.  If I could do it over again I would have messed with the bone tool from the beginning in order to give the shooter movement and make it look like he was actually shooting instead of standing stationary.  I tried doing it once I was done with everything else but the image I created of the shooter was too complicated for flash to implement the bone tool.  I think I did a nice job on the graphics and the font as well.

Producing Interactive Media – Project 1

I need to make a few tweaks to my GB Packers timeline before I try and send it to the organization for use on their website.

For our first project I made a Green Bay Packers timeline.  I really like the way it turned out with its visual and functional aspects.  However, I need to go back and make a few changes.

1.  If I had to do it over again I might have done less dates.  I think I got a little over-ambitious with the amount of content I wanted to use, but it turned out looking good.

2.  I need to go back in and change some of the action script so that you don’t have to open a movie clip and then have to close it using the same button.  You should be able to open it and then close it by opening another movie clip on the timeline.

3.  I think some of the movie clip boxes that pop up from the timeline have to much text on them and might need more from a graphics standpoint.

These are all things that I plan on fixing over winter term so that it will be ready to send to the Green Bay Packers in hopes that they will be able to use it on their website.


Augmented Reality

This was another assignment for Theory and Audience Analysis.  I think this was my favorite blogging assignment we had to do because we actually got to do something that was hands-on instead of reading like we had done every week.  JTR figured out a way to make this assignment possible.  I used her tutorial to make my own spinning Duke Basketball sphere through flash.


Theory & Audience Analysis Interactive Paper

For our Theory & Audience Analysis class we had to turn our 15 page research paper into an interactive paper.  I decided to make something in flash.  It’s simple, but tells key statistics and points to my paper.  I think the best part about it is the different images on the home pages comparing the looks of the iPhone apps that I covered in my paper.