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Advertising on social media has made for a shorter and quicker approach to advertising.  In my research I found that the most important aspect of social media is to keep your posts brief and include a link to direct the user to more information.  It’s also important to get people involved, whether it’s mentioning people or similar groups on Twitter or re-tweeting some of their tweets in hopes that they notice and identify with your brand, which could lead to further expansion.

The graph of The Oatmeal cartoon is helpful in describing this.  According to the cartoon the most successful way to get someone interested is to have a post saying “here is the product and here are the features.”  This will keep the user interested because the post shows you are sincere, helpful and knowledgable.  The graph also shows how times have changed since Mad Men.  The Mad Men quote “Advertising is based on happiness.  We make the lie. we invent want” is the opposite of what you want to do in a post on social media.  You do not want to push your product too much because it could annoy your consumer and you could come off as desperate.  Another bad strategy is stretching the truth.  People want exactly what they are being sold and don’t want to have to waste their time trying to understand if they are being misled.

The social media assignment was to come up with a campaign for a North Carolina health movement called “Shape Up NC.”  For the project I had to research what demographics I should try and target through social media and which social media tools would be the best to use for the site.  I finally settled on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and an RSS Feed.  Here are 20 tweets I wrote for the campaign:
  • #ShapeUpNC is a coalition of employers, health plans & other orgs working to build a healthier state.  Join our team! – Feb 12
  • #ShapeUpNC wants North Carolinians to be active!  Check out some basic tips that can help keep you in shape: – Feb 13
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking your Valentine out on a jog! #ShapeUpNC – Feb 14
  • Minimize the time you spend sitting.  Take breaks and avoid cancer! #ShapeUpNC – Feb 15
  • Like our Facebook page to get more information on events near you! – Feb 15
  • Been to a recent #ShapeUpNC event?  Upload your photos or videos on our YouTube and Facebook pages! – Feb 15
  • It’s time for @elonuniversity’s Polar Bear Plunge! Bring a partner and see who can swim in Lake Mary Nell the longest! #ShapeUpNC – Feb 16
  • Team signups are happening all week for the Raleigh Run on February 23.  Encourage your family and friends to participate! – Feb 16
  • Bring your kids to @UNCDM’s 24-hour Dance Marathon to raise money for NC Children’s Hospital on Friday & Saturday! – Feb 16
  • @SprChrgAlamance’s Fitness Fun Run is Saturday at 9:30 in Burlington City Park. Dress up as your favorite super hero! – Feb 17
  • Check out our friends @BeActiveNC’s YouTube channel to see what they’ve been doing to stay fit! – Feb 19
  • Go to our Facebook page to see photos from this weekend’s @UNCDM Dance Marathon and @SprChrgAlamance run! #ShapeUpNC – Feb 19
  • February is American Heart Month.  Here are some tips on what you can do to maintain a healthy heart: #ShapeUpNC – Feb 20
  • Still want to exercise outside with snow on the ground?  Here are some helpful tips to exercise carefully in the cold: – Feb 20
  • It’s not too late to sign up for the first ever NC Half Marathon at Charlotte Motor Speedway on March 25!  #ShapeUpNC – Feb 22
  • You can eat healthy even if you’re on a budget.  Follow @MyPlate to learn how!  #ShapeUpNC – Feb 23
  • The First Lady wants to put an end to childhood obesity. @letsmove has steps for how to stay active and what to eat – Feb 23
  • @KidsInParks wants your kids to get outside and experience the trails of the Blue Ridge Parkway #ShapeUpNC – Feb 24
  • Support local farms by watching this video & following @BCBSNC, @asapconnections #inspireD #ShapeUpNC – Feb 24
  • News coming later in the week about a new #ShapeUpNC team event in March. Stay tuned! – Feb 24
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