Visual Aesthetics Infographic

Both time periods look bad, but this recession doesn’t compare to the Great Depression. The charts looks similar due to scaling.

Our third project for Phillip’s Visual Aesthetics class might have been my least favorite.  Working on Flash projects in groups just doesn’t seem to work as well as the individual projects.  On the positive side it gives you a chance to learn from other group members or teach them.  Group projects are tough as it is but they’re especially difficult when only one person can access the file at a time to make changes.

We were given the economy as a topic to make an infographic about.  The group chose to compare the economy of today to how it was during the Great Depression.  My job in this project was to research the stock market during these years and find comparable numbers and charts that we could show in a graph form.  I ended up making a line chart that is not visible at first, but once the reveal button is clicked the line of the line chart begins moving across the chart.  Hotspots appear on the line to indicate important dates and government involvement.  Overall I think we did a good job on the project, but I think it could have been better.  I say this knowing that we made it in the middle of the semester and seeing how everyone’s work has improved since then.

Kelsey did a great job designing the dock while Emily implemented some advanced Flash that took our project to the next level.


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