The End of Flash?

So throughout this semester we’ve been hearing rumors that Flash is dead.  The biggest indicator of this was the announcement towards the middle of the semester that Flash will not be used on mobile devices or tablets.  This has got to be the most telling sign that Flash is in fact, dead.  However, when the representative from McKinney came to meet with us during one of our Friday workshops, he was adamant that Flash was still doing fine in the interactive media industry.  With all of these mixed signals I don’t know what to believe.  I’d like to think that all the hard work we put into Flash this semester will serve a purpose for me in the future, but right now it kind of seems like we did it for no reason.  Maybe I’m misinformed and don’t have all of the information.  I guess I just want some answers.  It seems pretty ominous to me that the world leader in smart phones and tablets (Apple) does not allow Flash to be compatible with its products.  Steve Jobs knew Flash was going to become obsolete at some point and that’s why he didn’t gamble on using it in his products.


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