Producing Interactive Media – Project 3

Can you figure out who the killer is?

This was by far my favorite of the projects this semester because I was able to work on video.  Our group went above and beyond on this project because we were able to express a certain creativity compromising of several aspects of interactive media.  This was only the second project that we had the opportunity to do a video for in all of our classes so our group knew it was important and wanted to do it right.  We shot all of our footage on the Saturday during Thanksgiving.  We spent a little more than six hours filming inside and around Lindner’s “Hogwarts Room.”  What made this project so much easier to work on was how fast it went by because every part of it was fun to make.  I might not have thought editing the 2+ hours of footage down to 10 minutes was fun towards the end, but I am ecstatic with the results.  I think we captured the essence of the game “Clue” as well as the film noir style in which we shot and edited the short film.  I’d also like to give kudos to the actors in our video, who all did a great/convincing job.  The one thing that I would have changed with the video is more close-ups of our actors when they’re sitting around the table just to break it up from the long medium shots.


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