Producing Interactive Media – Project 2

JJ Redick doesn't miss.

Project 2 is another example of work I will be putting on my portfolio.  I decided to make a basketball shooting game for this assignment.  I think it was successful because no one else made a game like that.  In my head I envisioned a game where you hit the space bar and the shooter jumps and you hit it again and the shooter shoots the ball.  Depending on if you got the time right the shot would either go in or miss.  It ended up being easier to just create power bars (thanks, Sang!) that you can click and if it gets within a certain space on the power bars it would do one of four things: airball, front of the rim, swish, off the backboard.  Once we figured out how to make the power bars work it was easy to make.  If I could do it over again I would have messed with the bone tool from the beginning in order to give the shooter movement and make it look like he was actually shooting instead of standing stationary.  I tried doing it once I was done with everything else but the image I created of the shooter was too complicated for flash to implement the bone tool.  I think I did a nice job on the graphics and the font as well.


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