Final Thoughts

I’m not sure I want to be a Flash designer in the future, but I do think this class was useful because it helped me understand design and problem-solving.  I think one of the best aspects of my work has been my ability to make it visually pleasing.  Luckily I was able to get everything to function properly, but if for some reason my projects didn’t work right, they would still look good.

The other big part of using Flash is being able to problem solve.  When I test my .swf file and it doesn’t work I can usually look at the compiler errors and figure out what was going wrong.  Being able to problem solver on my own was definitely beneficial; however, I didn’t mind asking for help on some ridiculous error and Sang being able to fix it in literally 10 seconds.

Another important aspect of Flash deals with usability.  You need to think like you’re the user and what would make sense for them.  I think everyone’s work this semester would have been better if we had conducted usability tests on each other, but I think with this class everyone seemed to get so caught up in making sure it looked good and functioned correctly that the usability aspect got overlooked.

My only complaint with our Producing Interactive Media class was the turn we took about a month ago from talking about Flash specifically to talking about javascript/jQuery and xml.  It felt like it came out of nowhere and it seemed like a lot of people struggled with the concepts or just didn’t put as much effort into it because it seemed so random for our course.  I know it’s useful information but I think the timing of it was a little strange.  However, I loved being able to do a video project in Flash right after that.

I really enjoyed working on the three big projects that were due this semester and am glad I put in the effort to make them good enough to use on my portfolio.


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